Bergamont Encore mountain bike Build

  • Опубликовано: 14 фев 2018
  • Skinny Mick Easton is a man that many describe as "horizontal" . Laid back and carefree, Mick run's his bike repair on the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne's Westgate Road.
    The road is a hotbed of motorbike shops, bike scrap shops, repair shops and all that life in world of 2 and four stroke entails.
    It's hustle and bustle all right, and Newcastle a city with a unique identity, forthright views and no nonsense approach.
    When it comes to building bikes though, Mick enters another space - the hustle bustle, sirens and crime are gone. It's a focus that he is engrossed in.
    It is his art. Take 5 minutes, grab a brew and watch a mechanic in his element.
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  • Shraavan Rai
    Shraavan Rai 18 дней назад

    I have revox 3.0

  • Shraavan Rai
    Shraavan Rai 18 дней назад

    Now that was a good video on bergamont cycles

  • tanmay rayate
    tanmay rayate Год назад +2

    bergamount bike are nice I also have bergamount helix 3.5i

  • PureAdrnln
    PureAdrnln Год назад +1

    Very nice !

  • bla bla männ
    bla bla männ Год назад +1

    Das ist Handwerk 🖒🖒🖒

  • Xxgacha_ lifexX
    Xxgacha_ lifexX Год назад +2


  • Luke Banks
    Luke Banks Год назад +3

    I'm no biker but that was really captivating to watch. Keep up the good work!

    • Xxgacha_ lifexX
      Xxgacha_ lifexX Год назад

      Luke Banks

    • Descent-World
      Descent-World  Год назад +1

      Thanks Luke. Mick is so methodical and in the zone that it's a pleasure to watch.

  • Descent-World
    Descent-World  Год назад +1

    For those who need a mechanic - Mick is situated at Off Road, Westgate Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne. Give him ring, get a sweet service and a brew as well!