Today In History
Today In History
June, 25th 2017
1178: 5 Canterbury monks report something exploding on the Moon
1630: Fork introduced to American dining by Gov Winthrop
1638: A lunar eclipse becomes the known astronomical event recorded
1788: Va becomes 10th state
1835: 1st building constructed at Yerba Buena (now SF)
1868: FL AL LA GA NC SC readmitted to US
1876: Lt Col Custer & 7th Cavalry wiped out by Sioux & Cheyenne
1903: Yanks & White Sox end deadlocked at 6-6 in 18
1906: Architect Stanford White shot dead atop Madison Square Garden (which he designed) by Harry Thaw jealous husband of Evelyn Nesbit
1919: 1st flight Junkers F13 advanced monoplane airliner
1929: Pres Hoover authorizes building of Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam)
1934: Yank pitcher John Broaca ties record by striking out 5 times
1938: federal minimum wage law guarantees workers 40 : per hour
1942: British RAF staged a thousand-bomb raid on Bremen Germany (WW II)
1950: Korean Conflict begins; N Korea invades S Korea
1950: El Al begins air service
1951: 1st color TV broadcast - CBS' Arthur Godfrey from NYC to 4 cities
1953: 1st passenger to fly commercially around the world < 100 hours
1960: Walter Baade - astronomer - dies
1961: Yankee's Roger Maris hits his 40th of 61 HRs
1962: Yankee Jack Reed's 22nd inning HR wins a 7 hour game
1962: Supreme Court rules NY school prayer unconstitutional
1973: Udo Beyer of East Germany puts the shot a record 20.47 m
1973: John Dean begins testimony before Senate Watergate Committee
1975: Mozambique gains independence from Portugal (National Day)
1977: Roy C Sullivan of Va is struck by lightening for 7th time!
1977: Report of LBJ having cancer operation while Pres denied
1981: Supreme Court held male-only draft registration - constitutional
1982: Sec of State Alexander Haig Jr resigns Schultz replaces
1982: SF holds its 1st County Fair
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