Today In History
Today In History
August, 23rd 2017
1833: Britain abolishes slavery in colonies; 700 000 slaves freed
1869: 1st carload of freight (boots & shoes) arrives in SF
1872: 1st Japanese commercial ship visits SF carrying tea
1889: 1st ship-to-shore wireless message received in US: US lightship
1919: Gasoline Alley cartoon strip premiers in Chicago Tribune
1927: Nicola Sacco & Bartolomeo Vanzetti executed in Mass
1944: Rumania liberated from Nazi occupation (National Day)
1957: Digital Equipment Corp. founded
1963: Beatles release "She Loves You"
1966: Lunar Orbiter 1 takes 1st photograph of earth from the moon
1968: Yanks & Tigers play 3-3 tie in 19 due to 1 AM curfew
1973: Intelsat communications satellite launched
1977: Yanks leap frog over Red Soxs 1/2 game in 1st place to stay
1977: 1st man-powered flight (Bryan Allen in Gossamer Condor)
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