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NHL Highlights | Red Wings vs Kings - Nov. 14, 2019
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NHL Highlights | Stars vs Canucks - Nov. 14, 2019
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NHL Highlights | Sharks vs Ducks - Nov. 14, 2019
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NHL Highlights | Avalanche vs Oilers - Nov. 14, 2019
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Jordie Benn Fights Denis Gurianov After Big Hit On Nicholas Caamano
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NHL Highlights | Coyotes vs Wild - Nov. 14, 2019
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Dalton Prout Squares Up With Nicolas Deslauriers For Spirited Scrap
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NHL Highlights | Rangers vs Lightning - Nov. 14, 2019
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Dougie Hamilton Hammers Goal Past Sabres In Overtime
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NHL Highlights | Hurricanes vs Sabres - Nov. 14, 2019
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NHL Highlights | Jets vs Panthers - Nov. 14, 2019
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Devan Dubnyk Plays The Puck And Sets Up Arizona Coyotes For A Goal
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Kevin Shattenkirk Scores After Yanni Gourde Embarrasses Defender
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Josh Morrissey Finishes Off Jets' Quick Passing Play To Open The Scoring
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Lightning Score Four Goals On Eight Shots vs. Rangers
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NHL Fights Of The Week: Marchand Battles Hronek In Detroit
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NHL Plays Of The Week: Can Anybody Stop McDavid!? | Steve's Hat-Picks
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Kyle Lowry in NHL 20? | For The Culture - NBA Chatroom
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NHL Highlights | CHI vs. VGK - Nov. 13, 2019
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NHL Highlights | WSH vs. PHI - Nov. 13, 2019
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NHL Highlights | OTT vs. NJ - Nov. 13, 2019
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NHL Highlights | TOR vs. NYI - Nov. 13, 2019
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NHL Highlights | DAL vs. CGY - Nov. 13, 2019
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William Nylander Tips Home His Fifth Goal In As Many Games
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Can the Raptors Withstand All Their Injuries? | NBA Chatroom
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Elliotte Friedman Brings Us Up To Speed In The NHL | Tim and Sid
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Ron Ruckstuhl Shares His Story While Living Out His Hockey Dream
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NBA Chatroom - The Post-Kawhi Raptors Will Be Just Fine
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NHL Performers Of The Week: Kane Heating Up, MacKinnon On Fire
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Did Experts Sleep On The Raptors Chances This Year?
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NHL Highlights | Wild vs Kings - Nov. 12, 2019
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NHL Highlights | Oilers vs Sharks - Nov. 12, 2019
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NHL Highlights | Red Wings vs Ducks - Nov. 12, 2019
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NHL Highlights | Predators vs Canucks - Nov. 12. 2019
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Elias Pettersson Takes Puck Off Chest, Whips Goal Past Pekka Rinne
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NHL Highlights | Coyotes vs. Blues - Nov. 12, 2019
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NHL Highlights | Avalanche vs. Jets - Nov. 12, 2019
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Kaapo Kakko Buries Overtime Winner After Beautiful Adam Fox Pass
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NHL Highlights | Panthers vs Bruins - Nov. 12, 2019
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NHL Highlights | Penguins vs. Rangers - Nov. 12, 2019
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NHL Highlights | Blue Jackets vs. Canadiens - Nov. 12, 2019
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Tomas Tatar Scores With 39 Seconds Left To Force OT Vs. Blue Jackets
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David Pastrnak Fakes Pass To Brad Marchand, Scores Short Side
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NHL Highlights | Coyotes vs. Capitals - Nov. 11, 2019
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NHL Highlights | Senators vs. Hurricanes- Nov. 11, 2019
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Senators Score After Petr Mrazek Misplays The Puck Behind The Net
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Sebastian Aho Gets By Senators And Scores Shorthanded Goal
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Evgeny Kuznetsov Takes Pass, Bursts In To Beat Antti Raanta Five-Hole
Просмотров 17 тыс.4 дня назад
Coyotes’ Clayton Keller Bangs Home Loose Puck Against Capitals
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The Top 10 Greatest Raptors of All Time
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NHL Highlights | Oilers vs. Ducks - Nov. 10, 2019
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NHL Highlights | Maple Leafs vs. Blackhawks - Nov. 10, 2019
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NHL Highlights | Flyers vs. Bruins - Nov. 10, 2019
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Philadelphia Flyers vs. Boston Bruins| FULL Shootout - Nov. 10, 2019
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Connor McDavid Swoops In Out Of Nowhere To Rip One Past John Gibson
Просмотров 16 тыс.5 дней назад
Nick Vitucci: A Hockey Life | Home Team Heroes
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Drake Caggiula Takes Puck To The Face, Heads Straight To Dressing Room
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NHL Highlights | Golden Knights vs. Red Wings - Nov. 10, 2019
Просмотров 24 тыс.5 дней назад
Anthony Mantha Brings Red Wings’ Fans To Their Feet With Game-Winner
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NHL Highlights | Devils vs. Canucks - Nov. 10, 2019
Просмотров 25 тыс.5 дней назад
Florida Panthers vs. New York Rangers | FULL Shootout - Nov. 10, 2019
Просмотров 9 тыс.5 дней назад
NHL Highlights | Stars vs. Jets - Nov. 10, 2019
Просмотров 33 тыс.5 дней назад
Mark Scheifele Scores 21 Seconds Into OT To Down Stars
Просмотров 7 тыс.5 дней назад


  • S Wave
    S Wave 2 часа назад

    When your GM is doing interviews in a cashmere sweater, it's not necessarily surprising that the team you selected lacks grit and warrior mentality.

  • Feedback4Utoday
    Feedback4Utoday 2 часа назад

    6 pts is not that great. He only gained 1pt on DraisatL. He needs more time to prove if he has Hall of Fame skill. No Stanley Cups! Did he win scoring last yr? He has to work on his game a bit but he may be below age 30 - if so, may have time to improve.

  • Юрий Зорин
    Юрий Зорин 2 часа назад

    Мэкдэвид больше, чем пол-команды...

  • Hbmd
    Hbmd 2 часа назад

    He could be 50+ goal passer

  • Gibbs1966
    Gibbs1966 2 часа назад

    Its easy when the officals gives out christmas presents early.. No way in hell a young team can come back from 3-0 after what like 5 minutes.. Creds to the refs for spoiling what could have been a fair game...

  • DirtyCurt
    DirtyCurt 2 часа назад

    imagine if he was on a good team

  • S Wave
    S Wave 2 часа назад

    Cizikas 1 vs. Leafs 0. hahaha

  • S Wave
    S Wave 2 часа назад

    What got you to the NHL isn't all what makes you a Cup champion.

  • Скрудж МакДак
    Скрудж МакДак 2 часа назад

    McDavid's on fire🔥🔥

  • Keith McClane
    Keith McClane 2 часа назад

    I'm about as big a Sharks homer as they come but I think I'd trade any player straight up for Gibson

  • Jean-Paul Moreau
    Jean-Paul Moreau 2 часа назад

    Well that sucked..everytime you think the Rangers got it, they lose it again.BUT Panarin is never a disapointment.....some of his passes are SICK

  • Юрий Зорин
    Юрий Зорин 2 часа назад

    Тампа в начале игры: 8 бросков, 4 гола....

  • nathan antone
    nathan antone 2 часа назад

    thats a dang it steve dangle is gonna put this in a dang it video for the oilers

  • ErQgi JaeeGer
    ErQgi JaeeGer 2 часа назад

    new gretzky & kurri

  • Daniel Deng
    Daniel Deng 2 часа назад

    Anybody that even attempts to compare McDavid with any NHL player, past or present, is committing a felony! McDavid is far above anyone else!

  • Jay Moose
    Jay Moose 2 часа назад

    Include the fights and hits please some people watch just for that stuff, oh and jones please pull the guy off your goalie atleast made yourself look like a pussay looking for the ref

  • Sal Kahila
    Sal Kahila 2 часа назад

    Shorthouse pronounces Heiskanen really well, but Garrett pronounces it differently every time... Lol...

  • Jonathan Vlahiotis
    Jonathan Vlahiotis 2 часа назад

    Oilers mean business this year. They making the playoffs???

  • TheIrishEnigma
    TheIrishEnigma 2 часа назад

    This is is a very rare team where somebody can have a 5 point game and still not be the best player of the night. McDavid and Draisatl together is just ridiculous.

  •  2 часа назад

    Крылья, я за вас с детства болею, где вратарь!!!!

  • Brew
    Brew 3 часа назад

    What are you doing to facial hair? Stop it! That's disturbing!

  • ProGuide Entertainment
    ProGuide Entertainment 3 часа назад

    Leafs should trade Matthews for McDavid. Canadian kid would love playing in Toronto

  • melandq 87
    melandq 87 3 часа назад

    Did he just celebrate when his team is down by 6 GOALS ??? Lol

  • TheLittleGuyN
    TheLittleGuyN 3 часа назад

    Still impressed with panarin +3

  • Z.W.M
    Z.W.M 3 часа назад

    Обидно , досадно но ладно.

  • ClutchPwnageTv
    ClutchPwnageTv 3 часа назад

    McDavid is likely the closest thing we will see to Gretzky in our lifetimes. He might never reach 200 points/season or 80 goals, but he will likely be the first to score 150/60 in a while.

  • D C
    D C 3 часа назад

    Vs. 2 AHL golies...sorry to be Debbie downer

  • Jaques Evers
    Jaques Evers 3 часа назад

    Wow..the sisters are beautiful!🤣🤣👍

  • Jinx
    Jinx 3 часа назад

    How much failure is enough for Babcock to keep his job?

  • nils4545
    nils4545 3 часа назад

    Did you see the types of goals Dallas did, that's what Canucks are missing, actual goals on breakaways, and nice ones at that. Canucks are stable as a team, but this is what the team is missing. You never see Canucks get into a 2vs1 situation for example. If change doesn't happen this team won't make the Playoffs.

  • PrimeDUBz
    PrimeDUBz 3 часа назад

    Who ever disliked this. Hahahahhaha you’re lame !!! Let’s go oilers !!! 🔥🔥🔥🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  • Gogalen789
    Gogalen789 3 часа назад

    Establishing that WPG forecheck - big press in the O zone !

  • zeldaOotrules1
    zeldaOotrules1 3 часа назад

    How the hell did that one Colorado fan not watch what transpired?!! He wasn’t even looking out at the ice!

  • phillyflyers124
    phillyflyers124 3 часа назад

    “ fatigue “ is the word announcers use for refs messing fights up.

  • Linus 67
    Linus 67 3 часа назад

    Panarin +3 . 2 assist 😂😂😂

  • Andrey Ovchinnikov
    Andrey Ovchinnikov 3 часа назад

    Panarin's TELKA choose good team for a boy lol

  • Beatle Toons
    Beatle Toons 3 часа назад

    well i am no longer interested in hoping the canucks will make the playoffs because its clear that they dont care , as long as they get paid their millions why should they . Perhaps maybe if they only got paid by their performances , meaning if you win you get paid for a full day , if you lose you get paid for showing up , maybe then they would feel the urge to give it all they have , or maybe they are giving it their all which means , they are twigs dressed up as pines and only wasting our time

  • Gogalen789
    Gogalen789 3 часа назад

    Edmonton goals: 5 wristers at various heights and angles and 1 puck tapped in.

    • Sami Helen
      Sami Helen 3 часа назад

      Even just from the highlights it was obvious to see that the Avs goalie wasn’t feeling it

  • Brian Larkin
    Brian Larkin 3 часа назад

    Screw sportsnet

  • Deacon Cummings
    Deacon Cummings 3 часа назад

    Avs got stomped on 😂

  • Xx_Iphone_xX
    Xx_Iphone_xX 3 часа назад

    CARRIE underWOOD 😂😂😂

  • Gostfalcon
    Gostfalcon 3 часа назад

    Kasien says all there other top players are unjured let me try to take out MacKinnon now. This game is rough for us Avs fans.

  • Gotham City
    Gotham City 3 часа назад

    I hate sportsnet

  • 103090
    103090 3 часа назад

    nuge, drai, mcdavid. lethal.

  • МегаДоктор
    МегаДоктор 3 часа назад

    мой 5 лайк)

  • Gene Krobel
    Gene Krobel 3 часа назад

    At this point I miss Lou

  • Gene Krobel
    Gene Krobel 3 часа назад

    We are a young team after 4 years.... we were not really trying to get to the Finals this year. LOL Dubas... YOU ARE FIRED. You sound just like a politician with elegant vain and void words

  • Bill Morgan
    Bill Morgan 3 часа назад

    Big deal...Jack Eichel has 5 points in his last eight games........big deal......nine Sabre regulrs have 5 points or less for the entire season.....

  • Electric Wolf
    Electric Wolf 3 часа назад

    lol Brendan Smith

  • Sean McDonnell
    Sean McDonnell 3 часа назад

    Okay, after a quarter of the way through the season you can see the cream starting to rise to the top... I'm having my doubts the Canucks will make the playoffs... at best they can make a wild card spot, but that means they'll have to be better than teams like Dallas, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Phoenix, ect... I'm not seeing this happening.

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star 3 часа назад

      Many realistic fans share that belief especially the hockey guy

    • nils4545
      nils4545 3 часа назад

      Canucks can start off by playing Demko, there was at least two goals he would have stopped. Then yet again Canucks has to deliver on breakaways. Canucks can still make it, but they have to get their stuff together.

  • Peter Chairelli
    Peter Chairelli 3 часа назад

    Who remembers when the Canucks won the cup in October?

    • Sean McDonnell
      Sean McDonnell 2 часа назад

      @Patrick Star : What's truly depressing is that they don't even have any salary cap space left to improve... at least last year they had that.

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star 3 часа назад

      @whiteninja 267 He's referring to the idiots who thought this team could make the playoffs and make some noise last month

    • whiteninja 267
      whiteninja 267 3 часа назад

      Peter Chairelli Lol what

  • Mr. Dressup
    Mr. Dressup 3 часа назад

    The last time the Oilers made the playoffs in back-to-back seasons was 1999-00/2000-01. Doug Weight was their captain. Jean Chrétien was PM. 27” Sony Trinitrons. Y2K. What a pathetic franchise.

    • Mr. Dressup
      Mr. Dressup 2 часа назад

      dakotuhh _ - well get used to laughing, bud.

    • dakotuhh _
      dakotuhh _ 2 часа назад

      Trolls like you who only talk about the negatives about a team where anyone else couldn't care less make me laugh. Keep wasting your time commenting about the rival of your flames and live your life I guess. Cya around the next oilers video bud.

    • Mr. Dressup
      Mr. Dressup 2 часа назад

      dakotuhh _ - Oilers fans bragging about Cup wins 10 years older than McDavid is what you call living in the past.

    • Mr. Dressup
      Mr. Dressup 2 часа назад

      dakotuhh _ - it’s a current streak - I’m living in the present.

    • dakotuhh _
      dakotuhh _ 2 часа назад

      stop living in the past

  • Electric Wolf
    Electric Wolf 3 часа назад

    Didn't expect this from Blake Comeau of anyone on the Stars

  • Connor McJesus
    Connor McJesus 3 часа назад

    Im so good

  • Meloni88
    Meloni88 3 часа назад

    Oh THIS Rangers showed up tonight

  • MultiCappie
    MultiCappie 3 часа назад

    Ethan Bear.

  • Meloni88
    Meloni88 3 часа назад

    Ffs Arizona

  • Feedback4Utoday
    Feedback4Utoday 3 часа назад

    Canucks score either 1 or 2. Glad they got 2... So need to keep opponent to 1 goal. Have to tighten up.

  • Hell Nawh
    Hell Nawh 3 часа назад

    Give me a hell! Give me a yeah!

  • NYR NYI BUF 2019
    NYR NYI BUF 2019 3 часа назад


  • Michael Star
    Michael Star 4 часа назад

    Leafs should waive dubas

    ITS SHOWTIME 4 часа назад


  • Michael Star
    Michael Star 4 часа назад

    So sick of refs jumping in too early

  • Backhand Oksanen
    Backhand Oksanen 4 часа назад

    Hard hit but just dangerous distance away from the boards. Too bad it was Calvert who challeged him.

  • foist
    foist 4 часа назад

    30 seconds into the game Calvert steps up good hit good fight good game

  • D.R. Mikkelsen
    D.R. Mikkelsen 4 часа назад

    Looked worse than it was but good on Matt for defending MacKinnon ... we don't have many players left and he's gotta protect 'em.

  • Anthony  D
    Anthony D 4 часа назад

    more players than fans there

  • Mizraim
    Mizraim 4 часа назад

    Bob daydreaming on that first goal?

  • the goalie#1
    the goalie#1 4 часа назад

    I just love to watch heiskanen and especially his passes😍 that kid is amazing👌

  • Jets T.V.
    Jets T.V. 4 часа назад

    kinda feel bad for the Panthers team, they have barely a crowd to play for. even with the season expectations

  • Gamers
    Gamers 4 часа назад

    Wow ! Why did Colorado even bother to show up! Come playoffs and the Oilers will drop a nice cake right into the toilet. Nat my man I feel for you.😵

    • Gamers
      Gamers 2 часа назад

      Cody Parker True! Gifted with a generational talent in Connor and still this is were you go to die come May.

    • Cody Parker
      Cody Parker 3 часа назад

      @Ben Poulsen Dont even bother to try and explain. Oilers fans don't even know what playoffs is.

    • Ben Poulsen
      Ben Poulsen 3 часа назад

      It's hard to with as many injuries as we have. Including our starter and backup... And 2/3 of top line

  • Михаил Измайлов
    Михаил Измайлов 4 часа назад


  • Vincent Davos
    Vincent Davos 4 часа назад

    Georgiev лох .....

  • toyota yaris
    toyota yaris 4 часа назад

    Damn radu that was dummy *moist*

  • 103090
    103090 4 часа назад

    playing nuge, drai and mcdavid all at once... now that's god tier.

  • Tyrant60
    Tyrant60 4 часа назад

    Sharks undefeated with Simek

  • D3 ClazClown
    D3 ClazClown 4 часа назад

    ** First Career Regular Season Hat Trick ** … he's a playoff champ.

  • Skiller- Dragon
    Skiller- Dragon 4 часа назад

    As someone who was at this game this hit was the reason the oilers and fans where fired up

  • Nicole BBW
    Nicole BBW 4 часа назад

    Don't forget the Avs are also missing Z, our biggest defenceman, broke his face. But as a fellow Werner, I will join with petition, Frankie didn't get the chance to stop any shots

  • Helene Stein
    Helene Stein 4 часа назад

    unvergleichlich 😮

  • Mehmet Scholes
    Mehmet Scholes 4 часа назад

    The Hockey Guy derby

  • Jake Burkey
    Jake Burkey 4 часа назад

    this commentator sucks

  • Mehmet Scholes
    Mehmet Scholes 4 часа назад

    Nice friendly chat beforehand. Benn: ‘You for real? Can I punch you hard?’ Gurianov: ‘Yea I’m good, don’t trip’

  • TheDragonSmasher
    TheDragonSmasher 4 часа назад

    typical dirty russian

  • Nicholas Louie
    Nicholas Louie 4 часа назад

    As a canucks fan I love them but learn how to clear the puck from your own zone and get a shot through sometimes 😑

  • Rowdy Busch 18
    Rowdy Busch 18 4 часа назад

    Wayne Gretzky or Connor Mcdavid?

      ARNIE KUITUNEN 3 часа назад


  • Meg Films
    Meg Films 4 часа назад

    Dowling got a patent on the drag goal

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 4 часа назад

    Best player since Lemieux, signed Bruins fan. Wish Boston and Edmonton could play more games. Would love to see those top lines go at it

  • DillonSavage
    DillonSavage 4 часа назад

    Went to the Minnesota Wild game tonight. Duby passed the puck out from behind the net and the Coyotes scored off of it. Literally said "Well thats gonna be a dang it." Guy next to me laughed and agreed.

  • Terry Wright
    Terry Wright 4 часа назад

    What a player and what a deadly line. 💯🍺🍺🍺

  • Михаил Измайлов
    Михаил Измайлов 4 часа назад

    Нет, ну я в ахуе,Серёга нетащер?а защита блять где,играют одним звеном блять!😞

  • d00bZubElEk
    d00bZubElEk 4 часа назад

    This kid is way more electrifying than Pasta

  • ratmfan223344
    ratmfan223344 4 часа назад

    Lol MacKinnon is half of McDavid at best. Cracks me up when people try to prop him up in the "best in the league" convo. Fanboy bitches. Be objective

  • BuffaloMafia716
    BuffaloMafia716 4 часа назад

    Was going to go to a game.. But naaaww

  • Mustafa Komesogutlu
    Mustafa Komesogutlu 4 часа назад

    Why people are saying east is weak i dont get this

  • Gordon Bosiljevac
    Gordon Bosiljevac 4 часа назад

    couture's pass to kane was absolute filth

  • YAHH 71
    YAHH 71 4 часа назад

    Oleksiak wanted Benn haha 0:56😂

  • Meg Films
    Meg Films 4 часа назад

    Русский впрягается за одноклубника??? Ну теперь я видела в жизни все.

  • Jared W
    Jared W 4 часа назад

    Leon mchopkins I got that from another guy lol

  • Nathan Cate
    Nathan Cate 4 часа назад

    Avs are solid. Oilers dominated them. Wow.

    • D C
      D C 3 часа назад

      Missing 2 of their 3 best forwards and both goalies