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  • David Mozingo
    David Mozingo Час назад

    I'm a 21 year old autistic male and I can understand what his diagnosis was. This graduation video was the BEST I've seen. Everyone respected, did Jazz hands instead of clapping (great thing), and they gave him sour patch kids! To be honest, he earned those for graduating. Congrats, Jack! (Recommended Video in January 2020)

    COBALT iLLADELPH Час назад

    Thought he was on death bed! God damn

  • Luis Cardenas
    Luis Cardenas Час назад

    Sharon wants Ozzy on tour so she can spend the money he makes

  • Mutual Assured Destruction
    Mutual Assured Destruction Час назад

    Keep the cash cow rolling

  • Chevy Gage
    Chevy Gage Час назад

    Faking it

  • duke vaiga
    duke vaiga Час назад

    That's me at 2 in the morning

  • Tina Kilburn
    Tina Kilburn Час назад

    Or bless her she has good taste

  • Hana Drini Adea Welt
    Hana Drini Adea Welt Час назад

    I Love Frozen

  • Christian Avery
    Christian Avery Час назад

    Someone do this for me I would be freaked out

  • Just Passing Through
    Just Passing Through Час назад

    He like Weeeeeee! See you later!!

  • Dan R
    Dan R Час назад

    When you first hear the words "70 yr old man with Parkinson's" You think of this very old withered man. Not the case with Ozzy. He looks very young and complete for his age!

  • Sevinch Orujova
    Sevinch Orujova Час назад

    Awwwww, what a bubble of joy <3

  • D Brown
    D Brown Час назад


  • Sa Khepera
    Sa Khepera Час назад

    Come on Oprah and Gayle... just ☝🏾 show on somebody “White” like Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Ed Buck, Kevin Spacey, Charley Rose, Matt Lauer, Les Moonves, Tony Robbins ,Woody Allen, Brett Kavanaugh, Tom Brokaw, Ben Affleck, Ed Westwick, Mario Batali, Mark Halperin, Oliver Stone, Chris Savino, John Besh, James Toback, Terry Richardson.... I’m sorry... I need to catch my breath..Ethan Kath, Roman Polanski, Leon Wieseltier, President George H. W. Bush, Donald Trump...

  • Sylvia Phillips
    Sylvia Phillips Час назад

    Yes she is groovn really good!

  • Mike Sharon
    Mike Sharon Час назад

    I absolutely love this:)

  • Aneesa T
    Aneesa T Час назад

    Adorable I love te sound of laughter..... especially from a baby #Godsgift

  • BanyMany
    BanyMany Час назад

    How much is the burger?

    🌟 MORNING STAR⭐️ Час назад


  • Astrid Cruz
    Astrid Cruz Час назад

    "I want to see my people, yanno?" That hit me...

  • Roalma Oracam
    Roalma Oracam Час назад


  • KingofMe
    KingofMe Час назад

    38 people with sour babies

  • Susan Trevino
    Susan Trevino Час назад

    Four years ago I experienced a severe breathing problems. A year later, it worsened and I was diagnosed of COPD. I came across Herbal HealthPoint (w w w. herbalhealthpoint. c o m) December, 2018 and learnt about their successful herbal therapy for COPD. I immediately started on the COPD treatment; i began to notice a reduction in symptoms till it all vanished. I feel better and breath better. I Just wanted to share for people suffering from this horrible lungs disease

  • Jan Richter
    Jan Richter 2 часа назад

    I feel sorry for this child. I’ve watched his RU-clip videos from start to present. What I see is parents that want the attention and therefore, groomed an otherwise cute, geeky, intelligent child to behave the way it gets him attention. Kids love attention in any form.

  • Sherry Ford
    Sherry Ford 2 часа назад

    SO CUTE!

  • Nancy Martinelli
    Nancy Martinelli 2 часа назад

    She is a big Trumpturd.

  • Toa Mataafa
    Toa Mataafa 2 часа назад

    Yrs of drugs alcohol and sex is catching up..

  • owen noggle
    owen noggle 2 часа назад

    So CRIMINAL Covering Up That HOT BODY ..Under that Puffer Jacket...2020 Kimmy's DESTINY...Pop Stardom!!!

  • shondale71
    shondale71 2 часа назад


  • Musicube
    Musicube 2 часа назад

    I’ll cook my burger on the Australian fire 5 suburbs away from me

  • The Reality of Kya
    The Reality of Kya 2 часа назад

    She was like Theres nothing to see here jus hand over the icecream dad...haaaaaa

  • The Raven Warlord
    The Raven Warlord 2 часа назад

    I cringed every time that man said ‘You’re in the band’

  • Ratchet Kitchen
    Ratchet Kitchen 2 часа назад

    The cutest baby and laugh ever.

  • Ratchet Kitchen
    Ratchet Kitchen 2 часа назад


  • Jeff
    Jeff 2 часа назад

    It's amazing how healthy he looks considering he doesn't have a liver anymore.

  • Akshat Gangrade
    Akshat Gangrade 2 часа назад

    whats the title song in the beginning of the show?

  • Stefanie Farrow
    Stefanie Farrow 2 часа назад

    I can't believe this is happening. I have been listening to Ozzy's music off and on as early as I can remember. My dad introduced me to his music by looking at his cassette tapes. He even went to one of his concerts in Germany.

  • Lapis Eye
    Lapis Eye 2 часа назад

    This is stupid

  • S Holliday
    S Holliday 2 часа назад

    I'd like to see her react to dippin dots.

  • William González
    William González 2 часа назад


  • whyyoumadbro 352
    whyyoumadbro 352 2 часа назад

    Ozzy has some dam good hair follicles

  • Andy Bowen
    Andy Bowen 2 часа назад

    Spent so many years looking like he had Parkinson’s, due to his drug problems, which is why I detested the show filmed in house as it was basically using a messed up addict for views and laughs. Tough how he’s ended up like this, but please let’s not film his demise, if it is that.

  • movingonandup773
    movingonandup773 2 часа назад

    I remember when Pill, Asshole Rapist, Cosby talked shit about this family years ago. I have never been an Ozzy music fan at all but I was so disgusted that someone would criticize a family, and ignore all of the signs that they truly had love in their family, just because they had an unconventional family. Then, a year or two later, a scandal broke that revealed that Pill Cosby was cheating on his wife and I remember feeling a sense of sick pleasure that karma had come back to bit Pill Cosby in the arse. Well, it's 2020 now and, damn, did karma decided to finish its job on behalf of the Osbornes and deliver its final death blow to that piece of garbage, Pill Cosby. Man, did karma work overtime on that scumbag. I hope that douche dies in prison.

  • Josiaxz
    Josiaxz 2 часа назад

    Would you like some Burger with your seasoning?

  • Felix Fischer
    Felix Fischer 2 часа назад

    Great work with helping him hope he gets to be with others.

  • Davide Russell
    Davide Russell 2 часа назад

    Starting a business and I am a man and I am not hiring women because I love my future and business. Lady's my choice and I am not against women but I care about my daughter's future that I have something to leave them once I am gone and I don't what one other women eating her food because lying or made up story to get the 💰.

  • Joanne Wootton
    Joanne Wootton 2 часа назад


  • Mamma Kush
    Mamma Kush 2 часа назад


  • Sam Castilleja
    Sam Castilleja 2 часа назад

    You go, Ozzy!! You have been an ídol since my childhood and have been to this day!!!!

  • GamingWithHang Rai
    GamingWithHang Rai 2 часа назад

    5:52 *BUM*

  • Blessed Mrs V
    Blessed Mrs V 2 часа назад

    I love it! I just wanna pinch her chubby cheeks omg 😍😍😍😍

  • Rainer Halbich
    Rainer Halbich 2 часа назад

    His very VERY personal health battle that we just shared with everyone on this planet...

  • A B
    A B 2 часа назад

    The man wants to provide for his family. Strong statement for today's younger generation.

  • ClutchShots
    ClutchShots 2 часа назад

    Some peeps just have a dislike bot I swear, they just dislike everything they watch

    PUNMPKIN 2 часа назад

    I want to see this kid get a free ticket return ten years later and do the exact same thing.

  • Cameron
    Cameron 2 часа назад

    If you watch him in 2003 vs 2013, you can tell he makes a conscious effort to smile more around people.

  • Tony Eckman
    Tony Eckman 2 часа назад

    Awww, poor Ozzy. It's sad to see him age so rapidly. Fuck Parkinson's.

  • 김 가다시안
    김 가다시안 2 часа назад

    I really want Parasite to win Oscars Best Picture so badly, but I have to admit 1917 might win this category. 1917 won PGA Awards Best Picture, and 80% of PGA Awards Best Picture winners won Oscars Best Picture in last decade. And there are another top contenders like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Irishman too. Again, I want Parasite to win so badly but 1917 might win Oscars Best Picture. Parasite and 1917 are great films tho.

  • sinistermoon
    sinistermoon 2 часа назад

    Man, it's sad to see Ozzy like this. I really hope he calls it quits after he finishes his tour. He could always make appearances still, but come on, he needs to rest. I hope he goes out in his sleep without pain when he's ready to go.

  • jttfffffffffffff
    jttfffffffffffff 3 часа назад

    Holy shit that bitch ugly wow, what's up with that spray tan lmao looking like a whole man

  • Shawna Oliver
    Shawna Oliver 3 часа назад

    Im on a 6 month wait list at the library 4 this book!! Lol

  • delores walmack
    delores walmack 3 часа назад

    I love her laugh lol. Babies will laugh at the same thing repeatedly, but I love it. She is a cute baby.

  • Brian Corbin
    Brian Corbin 3 часа назад

    Music would just die without ozzy

  • Nightwing 63
    Nightwing 63 3 часа назад

    Yo, that's awesome

  • RockerChick
    RockerChick 3 часа назад

    OZZY ROCK ON ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lionheart23
    Lionheart23 3 часа назад

    You are still alive because you are Jackie Chan.

  • Justin X
    Justin X 3 часа назад

    I always feel like Somebody's Watching me!

  • Chrissy H
    Chrissy H 3 часа назад

    Glad to see Ta'Rhonda get more acting work.

  • Ruthann Caldwell
    Ruthann Caldwell 3 часа назад


  • keke the greatest
    keke the greatest 3 часа назад

    Baby fever 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Latoya Williams
    Latoya Williams 3 часа назад

    Awe. That's so cute. I love to hear babies laugh.😍😍😊😊

  • Jimgi Miniesuga
    Jimgi Miniesuga 3 часа назад

    Hoseok being a mood~ i love them

  • Jennrock Musik
    Jennrock Musik 3 часа назад

    What if she said no?

  • Jimgi Miniesuga
    Jimgi Miniesuga 3 часа назад

    I miss watching BTS on your show

  • Cali Den
    Cali Den 3 часа назад

    Omg these people put Thier kids on TV being high and drunk...I can't really take anything they say or do seriously

  • nicolle n.
    nicolle n. 3 часа назад

    I am kind of shocked he is even still alive and able to speak even though you can hardly understand what he is saying. So many drugs he has done throughout the years...can't be shocked he has issues now.

  • D W
    D W 3 часа назад


    TERENCE CLOTHIER 3 часа назад

    she is the best 💖💜😃😚🦋⚘😙🌷😎

  • Cotekn
    Cotekn 3 часа назад

    Lmao if my kid were to break something in a museum and I had to pay, I’d just tell them I’ll have to sell their stuff to repay the damages

  • Carol Raymond
    Carol Raymond 3 часа назад

    Pure gold. 😃

  • Jennifer Maharaj
    Jennifer Maharaj 3 часа назад

    Prince Harry may not want to King,Meghan wants to be king.

  • Donna Hill
    Donna Hill 3 часа назад

    I love this. She amazingly has great balance and she must have good strong bones . Elvis would love her! God bless her always.😇

  • Dawson Simpson
    Dawson Simpson 3 часа назад

    They seem like good people

  • Craig Willis
    Craig Willis 3 часа назад

    he says, "he doesn't like to let ppl down". he let Jake e lee (guitarist) down, by lying to him, abut getting Royalties, Publishing, etc. and sharon was in on it.

  • Jennifer Hobbs
    Jennifer Hobbs 3 часа назад

    Cutie pie

  • Robert Jerome
    Robert Jerome 3 часа назад

    What was his roll on Justified...Bondage with a teen and pound him to death....Amen brother

  • 1w davis
    1w davis 3 часа назад

    The.blood mother she get her got hahahah

  • 1w davis
    1w davis 3 часа назад

    The mother she kill her some one she do the job

  • Zebulon Matthews
    Zebulon Matthews 3 часа назад

    Maybe she should just be a towel girl...

  • apoorv mishra
    apoorv mishra 3 часа назад

    In that moment anger of her father looksh high. How anyone can see the culprit

  • Sergey Bolotin
    Sergey Bolotin 3 часа назад

    Hey, Ozzy, it looks like time to repent your sins is came. Man, all of your music, success, your glory will not save you, will not help you. Jesus died for all siners, and for you too. Rogue, man! God bless you.

  • Estefani Bowen
    Estefani Bowen 3 часа назад

    Why wouldn’t they get HER face reaction?? Lmfao fucking hate dumdums

  • Toebey Kid
    Toebey Kid 3 часа назад

    Give me the fucking burger RamsAy

  • Diane Stevens
    Diane Stevens 3 часа назад

    Obvious that he had this years ago

  • miss nini
    miss nini 4 часа назад

    I dont understand people who dislike babies laughing. Its beyond me.

  • YO YO
    YO YO 4 часа назад

    AWESOME family! The love they have for each other will keep them strong and make it much easier for him🙏

  • Sebastian Weaver- Class of 2023
    Sebastian Weaver- Class of 2023 4 часа назад

    Don’t worry. Ozzy isn’t afraid of dying. Death is afraid of him.

  • Nendo Akuma
    Nendo Akuma 4 часа назад

    He should have said Superman is not a native born American.

  • fasglaas tv
    fasglaas tv 4 часа назад

    Lot of love sr jacky from Pakistan

  • Little Joe
    Little Joe 4 часа назад

    Mama...Mama, you know I love you. I love you Mama....Mama you’re the queen of my heart...🎶🎵.