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Today In History | What did happen on this day in History?
Today In History
Today In History
August, 16th 2018
1777: Americans defeat British in Battle of Bennington Vt
1780: British decisively defeat Americans in Battle of Camden S.C
1812: Detroit fell to British & Indian forces in the War of 1812.
1819: Manchester Massacre; English police charge unemployed demonstrators
1829: Siamese twins Chang & Eng Bunker arrived in Boston to be exhibited
1861: Pres Lincoln prohibit Union states from trading with Confederacy
1863: Emancipation Proclamation signed
1896: Gold found at Bonanza Creek Ala
1903: Tigers play a home game in Toledo Ohio Yanks win 12-8
1920: Norman Lockyer editor of NATURE discoverer of helium in sun dies
1920: Yanks Carl Mays' pitch hits Indian Ray Chapman in the head. Chapman dies the next day the only major league fatality
1948: Baseball legend Babe Ruth died in NY at the age of 53
1956: Adlai E. Stevenson nominated as Democratic presidential candidate
1960: Britain grants independence to the crown colony of Cyprus
1960: Joseph Kittinger parachutes from a balloon at 31 330 m (record)
1965: AFL awards its 1st expansion franchise to Miami Dolphins
1969: Woodstock festival begins in NY
1970: Venera 7 launched by USSR for soft landing on Venus
1977: Elvis Presley dies of heart ailment at Graceland at age 42
1977: Yanks blow 9-4 lead in 9th but beat Chicago 11-10 in bottom of 9th
1984: LA federal jury acquits automaker John Z. De Lorean
1987: Astrological Harmonic Convergence - Dawn of New Age
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