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Today In History | What did happen on this day in History?
Today In History
Today In History
July, 19th 2018
1848: 1st Women's Rights Convention Seneca Falls NY
1877: 1st Wimbledon tennis championships held.
1880: SF Public Library starts lending books
1909: Neil Ball turns an unassisted triple play at 1st
1935: 1st parking meters installed in Oklahoma City.
1939: 1st use of Fiberglas sutures RP Scholz St Louis Mo
1949: Laos becomes associated state within French Union.
1955: Balclutha ties up at Pier 43 & becomes a floating museum.
1957: 1st rocket with nuclear warhead fired Yucca Flat Nevada
1961: 1st in-flight movie is shown (on TWA).
1963: Joe Walker in X-15 reaches 105 km.
1969: Mary Jo Kopechne dies at 28
1977: Yanks host 48th All Star Game NL wins 7-5
1978: Yanks start a 14 1/2 game comeback with 2-0 win
1979: Nicaragua Liberation Day; Sandinistas take over from Somoza.
1987: Don Mattingly sets AL record of extra base hits in 10 cons games
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